I have made buttons for all kinds of elections: political party leadership conventions, unions, municipal, provincial, high school council, and university student union/council.

Pin-back buttons are an excellent election campaign tool, because they are affordable, durable, easy to distribute as a candidate, and easy to show support for a candidate.

This year, with covid-19 still looming large, pin-back buttons may also help develop candidate exposure in a time when it is best practice to wear a mask. A candidate can promote their campaign with pin-back buttons, but also show voters who they are.

With New Brunswick municipal elections on May 10, 2021, candidates may wish to leverage the power of pin-back buttons for their campaigns. If you are interested, please contact me to get a quote or check out my custom ordering details.

Turn-around on orders is quick and efficient. Under current circumstances, orders can be mailed or we can arrange curbside pick-up.

This is a small sampling of past election buttons I've produced as custom orders.