Pin-back buttons are versatile and durable. They're also affordable, making them great for promotions, campaigns, swag, and merch-- especially when compared to screen-printed garments, branded mugs, or lanyards.

Buttons are ideal for any occasion. They're great as gifts or for wholesale re-sale to promote your own brand, product, service, company, organization, or campaign.

1" buttons

actual size displayed

1" buttons are small but punchy. They are versatile, fitting on just about anything: bookbag, guitar strap, coat lapel, on your favourite cardigan---anywhere.


These are great for band merch, gifts, elections, and wedding favours.

Relative size: a quarter.

2.25" buttons

actual size displayed

2.25" buttons are great for campaigns, elections, and promotions. They also add some extra flare to a bookbag or messenger bag, but fit well on a large lapel.


These also make great wedding favours.

Relative size: top of a pop can.


This pricing applies to both 1” and 2.25” custom orders, and includes graphic design and setup. This pricing is for single-design orders. There is currently no tax charged on these prices, as per Canada Revenue Agency regulations for companies making under $30,000 (because this is my side-gig).

Orders with multiple button images or designs may use bulk-style pricing with graphic design charged separately at $25/hr. Graphics for single-design orders that take more work may be charged up to $25 in addition to the order cost listed right below.

one-off quantity
  • 1 of each - 1" & 2.25

  • 2 of each - 1" & 2.25

  • 5 - any size combo

one-off order cost
  • $25

  • $30

  • $40

bulk quantity
bulk order cost
  • first 50 buttons

  • 75 buttons

  • 100

  • 125

  • 150

  • $50

  • $65

  • $80

  • $95

  • $110


Ordering buttons is easy. All I need to know:

  • desired button size - 1" and 2.25" buttons available

  • quantity of buttons needed

  • design or image.


Have an image or design already? I'll get it from your after you start your order.


Need an image? It's all explained below.

Contact me to start an order.

Your Design Here - white 2_edited.jpg


When I design your button, there are only a few simple things I need to know:

  • desired colours (try to keep it limited to 4 or less, depending on design style)

  • desired fonts or font styles (e.g. grungy, art-deco, script, pop-out, etc)

  • any images you want included

  • text if applicable–must be brief–please edit carefully before confirming your order

  • and a brief description of how you’d like your button to look.


Once I have verified the description and specifications for your order:

  • I will design your image(s),

  • produce a sample button, and

  • email you a picture of the sample.


If you like it, I will produce your order. Or you can ask for changes to the design. If there are changes, I will send an edited picture for your approval before producing your buttons.



Orders are invoiced upon completion of production. Payment is due before shipping, or upon curbside pick-up. Delivery by mail is also available for local orders, but incurs the cost of postage.


Deposits are usually only required on larger orders. If you are ordering buttons for an organization that requires delivery of the product before issuing payment, then a deposit is required for all order sizes.


You can pay by cash, credit or debit card, and Interac eTransfer. Payment by cheque must be certified if from an individual.

It's that easy.