For only $10 per month (which includes postage), you sign-up friends and family to receive 3 to 5 randomly selected 1" and 2.25" pin-back buttons. You can pick any number of months and prepay to have buttons delivered directly to the recipient.


If you want to receive the buttons directly, sign-up for my Monthly Button Club.


Read the full terms of service below.

Give Buttons a Gift


Costs only $10 (Canadian) per month, which includes postage.

Select as many months as you want.

Available in Canada and United States.

Selection button preference


  1. Buttons-as-a-gift is $10/month which includes postage. There are no taxes.

  2. Invoice is determined by total number of months.

  3. Order is invoiced to your email shortly after signing up.

  4. Payment can be made through emailed invoice (Stripe payment processing) or by Interac eTransfer.

  5. Buttons are sent to gift recipient based on selected start date in form.

  6. Three to five randomly selected 1" and 2.25" pin-back buttons are sent each month.

  7. Size-quantity preference is not guaranteed, but I strive to meet customer preference each month.

  8. Available in Canada and United States. (Currently shipping is too expensive to other regions.)

  9. Personal information collected through this form is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling orders.

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